to Webcommando. This site provides the home for Carl Davis's (me) personal website and gaming utility company. I've had a website since 1997..right after I fell in love with the web and web development. During that time, much has changed. The site started with reviews of HTML editor (the old text kind!) and branched out to add some Java utilities and other information (Carlism's is my personal favorite). RPGCommando came about in 2000 (If I recall correctly) when I began offering some gaming related tools.

in 2004 (or was it '05), I finally updated the site with new technology and began using a content management system to manage content. The hope was to more quickly add content without the effort of HTML changes (What a long way to come: from reviewing HTML editor to finally trying to never edit the HTML again!).

So now there are two sites--the new and the old. Since I tent to be nostalgic, the old site is still available (Unfortunately, the navigation window doesn't work anymore with the new Mozilla based browsers). You'll find the latest information on the new site but there is still some content on the old site I'll probably never convert.


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