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Thanks for coming to listen to my music.  This page is designed for devices that support HTML 5 audio such as iPhone and iPad.  When you click play, the song will load so be patient...

“Pressure” (2009)

“De-Mock-Racy” (2009)

“Read It On Slashdot” (2007)

“Top Down Therapy” (2008)

“Bottom (Dotted) Line” (2009)

“Lie of Security” (2006)

“Living in a Horror Movie” (2007)

“You Know It’s True” (2008)

“Cave Crawler” (2007)

“Radio is the Enemy” (2008)

“Sentient Knowledge (2008)

“Radio Static” (2007)
Lyrics Jessica Davis

“Sheriff’s Lament” (2009)

“My Time To Shine” (2009)


“Weekend Rockstar” (2009)

With Robert Kubiak and Bill Balloni