AMP’s Original Music


Hey everyone, thanks for coming and giving my music a listen.  If you like the music drop me a message on MySpace.

The material here was written across a number of years where my skills in playing and mixing have gradually improved (if only my singing could do as well).

You can also catch some music without vocals on my Instrumental Site

“Pressure” (2009)

“De-Mock-Racy” (2009)

“Read It On Slashdot” (2007)

“Top Down Therapy” (2008)

“Bottom (Dotted) Line” (2009)

“Lie of Security” (2006)

“Living in a Horror Movie” (2007)

“You Know It’s True” (2008)

“Cave Crawler” (2007)

“Radio is the Enemy” (2008)

“Sentient Knowledge (2008)

“Radio Static” (2007)
Lyrics Jessica Davis

“Sheriff’s Lament” (2009)

“My Time To Shine” (2009)


“Weekend Rockstar” (2009)

With Robert Kubiak and Bill Balloni

“Greatest Generosity” (2010)


“Midnight Drive” (2012)