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HTML Editor Selection Helper

By Carl Davis

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This page showcases a JAVA(tm) applet to help you select an HTML editor. If your browser supports JAVA(tm), you would not see this message, but I'm sorry but you do not have a capable browser. There are several browsers that support Java including Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Powerbrowser. However, the version for your operating system may or may not support JAVA(tm) (most notably Window3.1 versions do not at the time of this writing). Please check with your browser vendor for versions and OS's that are supported.

Help for Selecting an Editor:

This applet was designed to help users sort through the editors reviewed on the editor review page. This is in no way and exhaustive list of editors (only the ones I've looked at), and does not represent every conceivable feature. Please note that this is early version of this application so source code is not available. Also note: this applet was quickly put together to provide some utility for readers of my page. I do not guarantee it will work flawlessly with all Java implementations. Whenever there's an error, I will check into it, but As this application is enhanced and the source code scrubbed, expect a reasonable tool for simplifing ranking and ordering of choices.

Using the Applet:

The applet is similar in function to tools found in many office packages today. Read the descriptions and answer the questions. When your done, press the "done" button and the editors will be ranked for you. The tool uses a weighted ranking scheme to order the editors based on your input. This scheme can cause the rankings to appear a little odd. For example, if you check every platform, you may get editors which are available on all platforms ranked highest (even though you thought you were saying "consider all platforms"). Basically, checking is not a filter, but changes the desired weighting.


At this time, I haven't implemented directly jumping to the reviews, so you'll have to remember what was in the list and jump to that page from the index. Also, this is a very early version of the application and might act strangely at times.

This only the beginning:

This is just the start. I've have a few other ideas I was not able to incorporate into this first version. If you have any suggestions....feel free to let me know.

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