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Webcommando is "the" domain for Carl Davis and the entire Davis Clan.  I'm someone who's had a lot of interesting work experience, from building Machine vision applications for challenging manufacturing processes to managing the entire development organization for an Internet startup.  This site provides a glimpse into some of the things I enjoy (or once enjoyed!) doing.

This page is the starting point for everything about the Davis family.  Over time, I hope to add many more items that are important to my family and me.

I've been involved with the net for many years.  At one point was a leading reviewer for HTML editor reviews (could find my site mentioned as an authority in many a news group!).  Also, I had many requests for source and "how-to" information for the applets I created (back in the Java 1.0.2 days!).

All seems long ago, and now I'm much more into my Sebring Convertible and interesting places on the net (like my own personalized radio station).  I'm still rocking with my band PHANTOM!

One of the most exciting things on the site is the introduction of the RPG Commando!  This is dedicated to utilities I've written for Gamers (Role Playing Games) to help them streamline their games.  These aren't for PC games, but the old fashion Dungeon and Dragon types (D&D is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast).  It's a small business now, but who knows what will happen as I expand the product offering!

Some of the items are pretty old, but I kept them around.  You may ask why keep old, out-dated, stuff around.  The reason is to capture some history and to show what sorts of things I once enjoyed doing.  Some of my side project (i.e. HTML editor reviews) fell by the wayside as my title and position, and thus responsibilities, grew.  It's easy to long for the days of being a Software Engineer design object oriented applications for automation cells.

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Today I'm a VP and run a software development group for a leader maker of Extranet software.  So, I'm still heavily involved with the net, but don't have the time to do much coding myself these days.  I much rather spend some time with my three sweeties (wife and two daughters) when I get home from a long day.  

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