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Why Select this Site?

Carl Davis's HTML Editor Reviews is a respected location on the web to find detailed information on HTML development tools. The site receives on average 6000 visitors every month. I'm continually working to improve these numbers. You'll find I offer several unique offerings that keep visitors returning month after month:

Advertising on this site offers you the ability to target HTML authors (experienced and new) who are actively working on web sites. If your a provide hosting services, image editing software, conversion utilities, screen grabbers, or any thing useful to authors, you should consider placing an ad.

What is the Cost?

Advertising rates are very competitive. The standard cost for any page on the site is $0.0075 USD per access. The count is generated by my ISP and are based on the number of accesses that view your banner. At a mutually agreed upon time, an email will be sent to a designated address summarizing all activity over the previous month. Email Carl Davis ( to learn details about becoming a sponsor. If you desire a constant monthly charge, or want to discuss anything, feel free to contact us. We look forward to doing business with your organization.

Ground Rules

  1. Carl Davis can not guarantee a certain number of hits in a particular month. Carl continues to promote the site and keep information as current as he can, but can not control the viewing habits of his audience.
  2. Carl Davis retains sole copyright and editorial control over the content on "Carl Davis HTML Editor Review" site.
  3. Carl Davis reserves the right to remove ads for advertisers who fail to pay advertising fees before the 15th of each month. Carl will attempt to contact vendors by email and give the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Carl Davis does not guarantee that advertising rates will remain constant over time. However, advertisers have the right to cancel by email anytime.
  5. A month is defined as a calendar month beginning on the 1st. When advertising, all counts and activity is record w/r to the calendar month regardless of number of days.
  6. Banners will reside on Carl Davis's server to provide an easy method to track accesses.

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