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Definitions and Background Information

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This document contains basic information about the review page. It gives some of my thoughts on why this page is better than other review pages and defines the terms used in the reviews and tables.


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This document contains detailed reviews of the HTML editors I've used. This site is different from many others primarily in the depth of coverage. On other pages you will find a brief description of an editor and a rating. Hardly enough for anyone to make an informed judgement. "Carl Davis's HTML Editor Review Page" includes much more:

I've attempted to be as impartial as possible with each package. I attempt to use each package for at least 8 hours performing some typical tasks. These included--multiple formatting techniques, using compound and simple tags, creating different lists, inserting in-line graphics, using table/form/frame/etc. editors, and composing links. However, it is possible that I've missed features that were present, or made some other error. With this in mind, I invite readers to offer corrections (

Also, if you have used any of these programs, and have a different perspective on them please send me your comments. Thanks to all the individuals who have pointed me to many of these packages.


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Currently this document covers mostly MS-Windows applications. I am actively looking into stand alone programs and templates for MS-Word. However, I've set the document up so that other platforms can be discussed and I am open to including reviews of other packages on this page (or links to other reviews). Anyone who offers a review will, of course, receive full credit.

The reviews do not cover every detail of each package. It's rare to see a package that does not support most of the basic HTML constructs. For this reason, the reviews focus on how each package excels and falls short.

Term Definitions:

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This section defines the phrases used in the overview section for each editor. All possible values are enumerated.

Platforms types:
The possible platforms supported:
  1. MS-Windows
  2. Windows95/NT
  3. UNIX (See Editor Publisher for Flavors)
  4. Macintosh (Mac)
  5. ...Others...
Software types:
The type of program or environment needed to use:
  1. stand alone
  2. MS-Word Macros
  3. ...Others...
Representation schemes:
How the user interacts with the HTML language constructs:
  1. Text-style
  2. WYSIWYG -- Graphical anyway.
  3. Unique -- Not a traditional editor.
  4. ...Other...
Syntax Checking:
Does the program check for valid HTML.
  1. HTML Checking
  2. NO HTML Checking
How stable did the software run on the test environment (A DX4/100 with 16 Megs of RAM for MS-Windows based editors)
  1. Very Stable -- never crashed my system or made the system act strangely
  2. Stable -- did not crash my system, but caused strange activity (continuous disk access, very slow performance, etc...)
  3. Somewhat Stable -- Did crash (general protection fault)
  4. Not Stable -- Software made system crash or caused some harm when used
Overall Score:
The overall rating based on a 5 star scale, where 5 is the highest. The star's color is used to provide more visual cues (gold is best, green, blue, red). Some older reviews may have the overall rating of the software on an A-F scale. Where "A" is best and "F" is the poorest score possible.
Old System New System
B+, B++
B-, C
Screen Shot
A screen shot of the software running. Typically the link or in-line image dialogs are shown.

Matrix Categories:

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