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This table contains the editor's that were reviewed. Click on each link to see the detailed review.

Editor Review
(or status check)
Score *
1-5 Stars
Picks *
1-4-All 25-Aug-96 3:
AOLPress/NaviPress 14-Dec-96 5:
CMed 09-Dec-96 3:
Corel Web.Designer 26-Dec-96 3:
EdWin 19-Apr-96 2:
FlexED 5-Oct-96 4:
FrontPage Editor 9-Apr-97 5:
HomeSite 24-Dec-96 5:
Hot Dog 24-Aug-95 5:
Hot Dog Pro 05-Apr-97 5:
HoTMetaL Pro 15-Sep-97 5:
HTML Assistant Pro 17-May-97 5:
HTML Assistant 24-Aug-95 3:
HTML Easy! Pro 31-Sep-95 3:
HTMLed 30-Jun-96 3:
HTMLed PRO 06-Apr-97 4:
HTML Writer 24-Aug-95 3:
Incontext Spider 08-Dec-95 3:
My Internet Business Page 17-May-97 3:
LiquidFX 02-Mar-97 4:
Macromedia's Backstage Designer 14-Jul-96 4:
Netscape Composer 22-Sep-97 3:
ReVol Web Worker 25-May-96 4:
Spider Pad 20-Apr-96 4:
WebMania! 20-Apr-96 2:
Webber 28-Sep-95 2:
WebDesigner 30-Jun-96 2:
Web Media's Publisher 02-Mar-96 4:
Web Wizard - The Duke of URL 09-Dec-96 N/A
Webmaster Pro 23-Oct-96 5:
WebEdit 09-Dec-96 5:


Each editor is ranked using a scale of 1-5 stars with 5 stars being the highest possible. My picks use a special star to indicate I recommend these to users. I consider several different categories--graphical, text, good for new user, advanced user--before I make something a pick.

Important: Score is my measure of the product at the time of review. An highly rated editor with an older review may be less powerful or usefual after a new generation of packages are released. My picks are just that....my picks. I offer them to help users choose between the large number of good packages available. I encourage you to read the reviews or use the helper applet to use your own criteria to judge.

If you want to see how the old and new scoring system compare, check out this comparison:

Old System New System
B+, B++
B-, C

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