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Who is RPGCommando and WebCommando?  RPGCommando was started by a gamer for gamers!  The chief gamer at RPGCommando, Carl Davis (that's me), has been developing applications on numerous platform for years.  This included everything from Vic20's, Amigas, DOS, Java, to our new favorite PocketPC. 

One thing that's stayed constant: on every platform I created a dice rolling program.  Why do this?  For a developer and gamer, it provided a great way to learn new languages and platforms; all the while making something fun and useful!  Now I'll grant everyone that a DOS based dice roller (using Borland's C++ compiler) is pretty boring to look at, but it was a blast to build and use.  Even when I did a deep dive into the Java language my first applet guessed it...a dice roller.  This also marked the appearance of the first of the new brand name "Slicer and Dicer".   I even created a version for wireless phones just to prove I could.

So who cares, right?  Well this led to the idea that there are plenty of other tools that a gamer might want to have to make their life easier.  Thus RPGCommando was born and started developing "Slicer and Dicer" for Windows PC.  However, it became pretty obvious that (at least to us!) the handheld devices offered the most convenient package to offer utilities.  So we've been spend much of our time and effort on creating tools for handheld devices.

We're just starting out at RPGCommando and look forward to suggestions on applications and utilities you would help you improve your gaming.  Just drop us a line at

Carl Davis
Owner, RPGCommando/WebCommando

PS- if you make it to GenCon in Wisconsin, drop by one of my events!

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