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What games does the crew at RPGCommando play?

We play Dungeon and Dragons 3rd, 2nd and 1st edition--just like everyone else.  We also enjoy Twilight 2000, Rifts, Top Secret, and Babylon 5.  A great game that never took off was Psychosis (very freaky, but an absolute blast).  Finally, we've spent hours killing each other playing Star Fleet Battles.  Carl is always the Romulans because an R plasma torpedo is a beautiful thing to behold.  Now there's a game screaming for some computer assistance!!!

Why is a another program needed to run the Palm program?

The Palm version is written in Java or another interpreted language.  Thus a run-time program is needed to execute this application.

Are applications available for private labeling?

RPGCommando can create custom versions of any applications branded for your compnay.  Email to discuss how you can include these applications with your own games.




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