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News (01-Feb-25)

RPGCommando is redesigned and takes on it's new URL!!!

RPGCommando was revamped to offer a better look and improve the organization of information found on the site.  As our application offering grows, we'll need to make it easier for you to find what your looking for!  We finally got the screw-up fixed with our domain registrar... is live.

News (01-Feb-01)

Latest PocketPC applications available from RPGCommando

RPGCommando just released a series of applications for the PocketPC. These include a PocketPC version of Slicer and Dicer, Magic Roller, and all NEW Character Sheet application. 

News (12-Jan-01)

Slicer and Dicer for PocketPC is the pinnacle of hand-held dice rolling
The PocketPC with it's large colorful screen is a great platform for dice rolling applications and WebCommando has brought you the best we've seen!!!

News (30-Oct-00)

New Version of Slicer and Dicer designed for Wireless Phones!  RPGCommando and Webcommando bring you the ability to roll dice on your phone!

News (30-Sep-00)

Slicer and Dicer released for the Palm Handheld.   Gamers can take electronic dice rolling with them using their Palm compatible handheld.  This simple yet very effective utility gives you most of the power found in the Windows version, but in a size you can easily use anywhere!

News (23-Sep-00)

Hit or Miss Version 1.0 is released.  This application provides simple a simple way to speed up battles by allowing Game Masters to Quickly determine which creatures successfully hit a player.
Magic Roller Version 1.0 is released. This utility allows players and Game Masters to have a die continuously rolled every so often.  You'll be amazed at how useful this actually is!
Effort begins at RPGCommando to build PDA applications.  RPGCommando is starting to build up experience and the tools to build Palm and PocketPC versions of our software.

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