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to RPGCommando, a new product offering from WebCommando.  This site is dedicated to computer and handheld utilities for gamers who enjoy RPG's (Role Playing Games).  I'm talking about the kind you play with paper, pencil, and your imagination, not the computer kind.  These utilities were designed based on our love for games like Dungeon and Dragons, (from Wizards of the Coast), Star Fleet Battles (from Task Force Games), Twilight 2000 (of CDW), Rifts (of Palladium Books), and at least fifty other games we've enjoyed throughout the years.

Here at RPGCommando, we are excited about what the handheld computers (Palm and PocketPC) can do for gamers.  These devices offer just the right foot-print for gamers on the go.  We also have tools that are designed to run on PC's, but think that laptops are still a bit unwieldy for the close personal interaction (not to mention the beer, pop and chips that might get spilled on them!) found in gaming.

Check out the following links to learn more about what applications RPGCommando offers to players and game masters.

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Thank you for considering us, and feel free and drop to see me at any of my GenCon events!

Carl Davis, Owner and CTO/CEO