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FAQ Answers

What is the BEST editor?
Sorry I can't just tell what is the best and you should ignore all others! Each editor includes unique features and user interface differences. You can use the scores (1-5 stars) found in the editor list to help you. Also, I've designated a few "picks" where you can't go wrong with these packages. Remember, the scores are just my opinion based on tests and my experience with other packages. Finally, you can see how each editor compares to every other editor by looking at the comparison matrix.
What do you use to create your pages?
First, I use each editor I'm reviewing to work on it's own page. After I'm done, I do all the final touches in HoTMetaL Pro. I like it because it includes many "power user" features and can validate my HTML. If I need to do some coding which HoTMetaL Pro can't handle (newest tags and extensions), I normally turn toHTML assistant, WebEdit, and on occasional HotDog. Finally, if I need power of regular expression searching and replacing, I reach for my programmer's editor Codewright. The comparison tables are handled differently. To keep the data well organized (so I can easily add new categories, and sort) I keep the data in MS-Excel (with codes used by the processor) which is saved as tabbed deliminated text files. My HTML processor script then builds the table structures, which are then added to the final HTML template using a second pass of the script. I do not use the HTML publishing features of excel since it cannot easily handle placing links and headings at arbitrary locations (I embed codes for my processor to work with).

For graphics, I typically turn to Paintshop Pro, Aldus Photostyler, or Simply 3D on the PC, and Corel Draw/Artisan/3D on the Macintosh.

I'm looking for an editor with ABC and XYZ, what editors have these?
You should read the entire site before asking this kind of question. All the "good" (unique or well done!) features are listed in the detailed reviews for each editor. Check out the editor list for the ones I've reviewed. Also, I have a comprehensive comparison matrix which shows nearly every standard feature you would expect in an editor. You can quickly see how each package compares to other packages. Finally, use the HTML Editor Selection Helper applet to choose what you think are important features and have the packages ranked for you.

If after reading everything you still can't find the particular feature listed, then go ahead an ask me what I think!

I'm about to buy "super editor" and wonder if you could review it?
Chances are I will review it at some point in time. However, each review takes a large amount of time and effort. After all, anyone can put together a paragraph overview and slap a "rating" on a package, but it takes time to put it through the paces and generate detailed reviews and find out how it compares to other packages! Normally, I do editors in the order I find out about them, the press they're generating, or based on potential. If I get a number of requests for the same package from many readers, I normally will place the editor high in the queue.
You never mention "super editor" and its the best! What's wrong with you?
Well...nothing. This might be the first time I've heard about it or perhaps it's in the queue and I'm just waiting to get to it. I can't keep up with every package released, but I try to at least look at the "big hitters", packages with potential, and editors with unique features.
Your site sucks!
Believe it or not, I get this on rare occasions from my readers. Usually the complaints are from people that don't like the frames (solved by clicking on "no frames" in the navigation pane), or the graphics download too slowly. The second complaint is valid. I had used some advertising to help pay for the cost of the site (web page hosting isn't free), and the banner ads graphics usually are served from the advertisers sites. Problems with their servers can cause a stall during download (even though I use the width and height attributes, this happens). This is one of the reasons I'm moving away from advertising. If you have a problem, please detail it so I can find a solution for future visitiors. Please remember on the other end of the email is your a human being who is trying to provide a service to you. I feel very bad when I get these messages (and occasionally angry when they seem baseless) and do try to correct any major problems as soon as I can.
I'm interested in advertising, please send me more information.
There was a time I had hoped to help cover the cost using advertising. However, I have had a bad experience with very bad advertisers. Generally, the advertisers fail to pay for space after the initial month. If I accept advertising in the future, I expect several months payed in advance and will charge fees I believe make spending time on this endeaver worth my time. This is good new for serious advertisers! You will probably receive prime locations and a boost from me as part of the site's normal write-ups. If you are interested please contact me.

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